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ZICTECH's focus is in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), including biometric science and technology, mobile applications and content, Mobile app development and Mobile enterprise solution.

We develop all our solutions with the technology that best suit the program for best practice and productivities.

We will give you a complete account for any system, expound the actual technologie.

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Our Products

Mobile Solution (MS)

We provide mobile customed made system to engage you at all time, it give you opportunity to manage your business any where you are in the world. it is first of its kind developed by ZicTech.

Biometrics Solutions

We look at a simples way to provide security solution in our present day.

Networking/Internet Service Provider (ISP)

As part of our services, we provide a leading innovative internet services and network solutions for businesses, educational institutions and individual in the nation.

School Management Solution (SMS)

No one knows but we knows the important of technology in running school administrative activities. We bring to you one system for the organization where every activities can be monitor and have a centralized control system, we are making every administrative richer and easier day by the day.

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Web hosting services

We provide a reliable, secure and fast web hosting services to power your business at affordable rate.
Our hosting ranges from light hosting to dedicated cloud hosting plan.

CBT Integration System

We provide a custom made online assessment software for all type of assessment for small to large companies.
Are you a corporation running certification programmes or assessing training effectiveness, an awarding body looking to move away from paper or expand into a new market, a training company setting up a scalable end-of-course assessment or a college modernising your approach to exams, there are numerous benefits that arise from making the transition to a computer base test taking system (CBT System).

Software Development Kits and Support

We provide support to software development where your developer/team couldn't get acrose.
We provide development kits for developer such as premium plugins, premium themes and license for softwares.

Our Training Portfolio

User Experience
Web Design
Web Development
Solution Development

What we do


We provide training service to bring up young developer in our academy, ranges from Computer training to IT Advance Program. We are at the core of IT training development; Zictech Technologies is the right place for you to get the skills you dream of to have. We practice what we teach.

System Development & Integration

We build up a program for both existing and new solution to integrate into organization application to promote efficiency in the organization management and goals actualization for continue productivities.

IT Consulting

You can at all-time count on us to provide you with the latest innovative IT consultancy Services 24/7.

Enterprise Solution Development

When it comes to solution development, you will find our skills second to none. With timely delivery, costumed build solutions, easy operation, user friendly, professionalism and much more...

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The master-builder of human happiness. No one rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself, because it is pleasure, but because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure. Yes but T&C apply

What makes you special from others?

One of the key is that, we are committed, reliable, professional, well taliored customer relatioship and we practice what we do/teach.

Why Would a Successful Entrepreneur Hire a Coach?

In building any carrer, some-one need a mentor to succeed in it.

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Our Latest Project

  • We developed a smart mobile app for revenue generation
  • We make 10 new CEO's in the world of IT busines development
  • We empowered 20 student in COE Minna with IT Skills to make a living
  • We have just set up new skills and resources center to create professional solution for you in minna
  • We have a professional team of developers that can develop real time reporting system for you
  • And many more..

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Boost Your Business


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